What comes with a Dewey Subscription?

This post provides a simple outline of the various platform subscription options for Dewey.

Everyone who signs up automatically get’s temporary view-only access to while we validate your academic status. Once we validate you academic status, we’ll automatically upgrade your account Starter account. To expedite your academic verification, please use this form. The starter account is always free and includes:

  • Access to various free and sample datasets from multiple vendors or public sources
  • Access to datasets submitted by other researchers
  • The ability to subscribe and pay for individual datasets from various vendors
  • Access to the Dewey community for support and resources

The Starter account is a great way to browse the available data on the platform, use the free data products, and download samples to make sure the data is right for your needs before subscribing.

The Researcher and Research Team subscriptions are upgrades that unlock various datasets and features on the platform:

  • Unlimited historical access to datasets from certain datasets and vendors (below)
  • Automatic updates for datasets from these vendors

Additionally, we have a large group option which works for research labs, classrooms, or departments that would like access for multiple users.

Which datasets are included with a subscription?

Current data providers included in the with a Dewey subscription:

Current data providers not included in the a subscription but are available to license individually:

Once subscribed, your account will be updated so that the included datasets are available for free. If you subscribe for your Research Team be sure to email onboarding@deweydata.io with the name and email of everyone covered by your license.

Please use the preview and sample options to explore the various datasets, and only access the datasets you intent to use. We’re quickly able to add new data vendors to our product, so please let us know if there are data vendors you’d like to have on the platform that you’ve struggled to access directly.