What comes with a Dewey Subscription?

This post provides a simple outline of the various platform subscription options for Dewey.

Everyone who signs up automatically get’s temporary view-only access to while we validate your academic status . Once we validate you academic status, we’ll automatically upgrade your account Starter account. To expedite your academic verification, please use this form. The starter account is always free and includes:

  • Access to various free and sample datasets from multiple vendors or public sources
  • Access to datasets submitted by other researchers
  • The ability to subscribe and pay for individual datasets from various vendors
  • Access to the Dewey community for support and resources

The Starter account is a great way to browse the available data on the platform, use the free data products, and download samples to make sure the data is right for your needs before subscribing.

The Researcher and Research Team subscriptions are upgrades that unlock various datasets and features on the platform:

  • Unlimited historical access to datasets from certain datasets and vendors (below)
  • Automatic updates for datasets from these vendors

Additionally, we have a large group option which works for research labs, classrooms, or departments that would like access for multiple users.

Which datasets are included with a subscription?

Current data providers included in the with a Dewey subscription:

Current data providers not included in the a subscription but are available to license individually:

We can also refer you to the following data providers to receive discounted academic access to their data. Please use this form if you’d like an introduction to any of these partners:

  • Veraset - Location data
  • Regrid - U.S. Land Parcel Data
  • Kaiko - Cryptocurrency exchange data
  • Irys - Location data
  • Factori - Global foot-traffic and audience

Once subscribed, your account will be updated so that the included datasets are available for free. If you subscribe for your Research Team be sure to email onboarding@deweydata.io with the name and email of everyone covered by your license.

Please use the preview and sample options to explore the various datasets, and only access the datasets you intent to use. We’re quickly able to add new data vendors to our product, so please let us know if there are data vendors you’d like to have on the platform that you’ve struggled to access directly.

I have a question about the subscription and historical data. Can I access historical data under a subscription? If so, why did Dewey specify payment options for historical and subscription?

Hi @yangsong. To clarify, if you’re on a Faculty or Student account, you will not need to additionally pay for the datasets included in that plan. You’ll still need to make orders to access the data but your account will be updated to the cost being $0.

When purchasing access to specific datasets outside of the account plans, you’ll typically see two options for accessing the data, Historic and Subscriptions. For historic data you can purchase the complete history or pick the timeframe of interest. The Subscription option just gives you access to every new update of that data as long as you stay subscribed. So if you want the complete history and access to future updates, you’ll need to create two orders.

Thanks for your answer. I have another question. If I purchase the historic option which is $5000 for weekly patterns. I could use the data for my research all the time right? Even I don’t have an active subscription.

It depends on the data vendor but the License Term should be clearly marked on each product (example for SafeGraph Spend below). Generally, this license term is the amount of time you have to work with the data. However, as long as you’ve published or shared a working paper within the license term, you have the rights to keep a copy of that data as long as needed to continue with the publication process.

That’s the standard agreement for data vendors on Dewey. If a vendor has a unique set of licensing rules it will be clearly stated in the Data Partners section of the terms and conditions (section 3.4) Terms and Conditions | Dewey Data Inc.

Hope that clears things up.

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Thank you.

One more follow up: could you offer a little more color on “published or shared a working paper”? If I created a post on Dewey with the title of my incomplete (still working) paper, does that count?


The full paper should be posted (SSRN, personal website, etc.)

Hi, I accidentally ordered a student subscription twice - how do I reverse one of them?

No problem @mleong1. We’ll only process one order.

I saw Advan will be available in Jan. Does this included in the Faculty or Student Subscription?

Yes, Advan will be included in the Student and Faculty subscription options.

Hello! I’m a researcher at a non-profit organization, but am not affiliated with a university. Would this be an issue if I was interested in getting access to some of the datasets that are only available through subscription?

Hello @css_researcher, thanks for writing in. Yes, unfortunately our only permitted use case with the data is for university-affiliated research. If you’d like a warm introduction into any of these data providers, feel free to reach out to me (evan [at] deweydata.io). In some cases, we can delivery you the data via Dewey if we get explicit permission from the vendor.

Can I get number of visitation with POI in safeGaph dataset?

For users with a verified account, you can review product summary stats in the Profile > Table Structure tab of each product.

How can I access any historical dataset in safegraph? I mean dataset for any specific time periods. Also, what is the application of API? I have student/research assistant subscription.

You can use the new v3 API to download specific timeframes of historical data (for datasets that are time-series). For example, SafeGraph Spend is a time-series dataset but Places is not since it’s a complete file updates each month.

Feel free to book a time if you’d like to chat through the platform: https://meetings.hubspot.com/evan-barry

Does safegraph contain any origin-destination (O-D) data?