May '23 Product Update


Welcome to Dewey’s May newsletter. These short, digestible emails provide quick updates on the product, links to helpful content, and information on upcoming events. Let’s dive in.

New Data Partners Included in Dewey Subscriptions

New data partners included in Dewey subscriptions: LiveData, Similarweb, & dataplor

This month we’re adding datasets from three exciting new partners to all Dewey subscriptions! Subscribed users can now access Similarweb website visit, keyword, and page popularity data. Download one of our prepackaged datasets, or request a custom cut and analyze daily visit, keyword, and popularity data about any global web domain from 2021-present. Just let us know what you’re looking for by filling out this form.

We’ve also posted our first dataset from LiveData, a job history data provider. This “open-to-work” dataset demonstrates the power of their data by focusing on the job histories of workers who are currently unemployed. If you’re interested in a unique subset of this job history data, please use this community thread to let us know.

Lastly, we’re very excited to welcome dataplor’s industry-leading global POIs data to the platform. We’re initially starting with their POI datasets from Japan, China, Italy, and the UK, but you can request additional countries in the community and read more about their data schema.

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New Datasets Available for Purchase

Dewey provides access to discounts on Veraset, TovoData, Factori, Varos, and more.

Dewey also makes it easy for academics to purchase data from leading providers that aren’t included in the subscription. Academics interested in Veraset mobile location data, Factori mobility and audience insights, TovoData real estate datasets, and Varos ecommerce advertising data can now sample data and request access through our website. These datasets can either be purchased directly from Dewey, or we’ll connect you with the right contacts at each organization to fast-track your access to academic-discounted data.

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Data Partner Spotlight: Context Analytics


We’ve seen a ton of interest in Context Analytics from the academic community, so this month we are diving in to highlight how their financial and marketing data is used for research. Context Analytics converts massive amounts of unstructured data into machine-readable formats, providing information related to social media sentiment, corporate filings, earnings transcripts, and other typically unstructured data. You can read more about their methodology here.

Academics are actively publishing research using Context Analytics’ truly unique data - be sure to explore our repository of published articles here. Dewey subscribers already have access to social sentiment data going back to 2011, and anyone with a free account can download a sample.

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New Citation Requirements for Patterns Data

New requirements for Patterns data citations

We wanted to share a quick heads-up about one of our most popular datasets - Patterns. ICYMI, Patterns data is now provided by Advan. As part of this transition, all existing SafeGraph Patterns licenses were transferred to Advan, including the license Dewey uses to provide the data to this community. Please note that any research yet-to-be published using the Patterns data previously made available by SafeGraph should now cite Advan Research as the source. If you have any questions, let us know here.

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