Tutorial: Getting Started with Dewey

This tutorial provides guidance for ordering and accessing data through Dewey.

Create Account or Log in

To begin exploring Dewey, you’ll need to create an account. From Dewey’s homepage, click Explore Data. Alternatively, follow this link!

From there, enter your login information or click Create Account, which only requires your name, an email address, and a password.

By signing up you’re creating a Starter account. The Starter account is always free and gives you access to browse and purchase datasets on the platform. You have the option to upgrade to a Faculty or Student account subscription which provides you access to various data vendors and datasets on the platform for free. You can upgrade to those accounts on our pricing page.

Browse Data

Once logged in, you’re ready to browse the data in the Dewey Marketplace.

  • A high-level description of each dataset is provided toward the top of the page.
  • Additional resources and documentation are available via links.
  • Pricing information is provided for each individual product.
  • Note, there are a number of free samples available!

Order Data

When you’ve settled a product, you can place an order by clicking Buying Options or selecting the product and clicking Purchase Selected Products.

At this point, you can choose between several buying options. Be sure to click Add to Cart when ready.

You can view your shopping cart by clicking the icon toward the upper right of the Marketplace.

Verify everything looks right, then click Create order when ready. You will be shown confirmation and sent an email with final instructions.

Once an order is created, the Dewey team will review the order to confirm it is coming from someone affiliated with a university. If there is a cost associated with that order, an invoice will be sent to your inbox via Stripe.

We’ll soon be launching a billing feature so that transactions can happen instantly and in the marketplace.

Access Data

Once the order is approved, there are two ways to access the data. Depending on your use case, one or the other may be best.

Data Access: Browser Interface

If your order includes just a few files and you want the data downloaded onto your machine, you are just a few clicks away!

First, click your email/username in the upper right, then click Browse My Files.

Lastly, expand the folders and click the files to download them from the browser.

Note, some files are downloaded as compressed CSV files, and they may need to be unzipped before you can work with them. If your File Browser looks empty, try clearing your cache & cookies or logging in via an Incognito window. We’re actively working on the fix for this.

Data Access: API

If you have many files to access or you’d like to work with the data in the cloud rather than your local machine, you may be interested in taking advantage of the available APIs.

For more information, check out the API Documentation (you may need to open this link in Incognito Mode) our Tutorial: How to Access Files via the API

If you’d like more guidance, an API tutorial with Python code snippets will be available soon!


HI, can I download the folder, or I can only download each individual csv at a time? Thanks

Hi @Yingjie_Li_MSU , we just published a tool to enable easy API access for multiple files at a time.

Check it out in this post, and please reply to the post with any feedback!