September '23 Product Update


Welcome to the Dewey product newsletter, our monthly update highlighting the latest changes to the platform and the newest datasets available to researchers.

Celebrating One Year of Dewey!

Dewey by the numbers: 29 partners, 125 universities, & over 2K researchers

It’s hard to believe we launched Dewey one year ago! Since then, we’ve enabled thousands of users and subscribers from over 125 global universities to pursue new research opportunities with previously inaccessible third-party data. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our growing community of researchers and data partners for supporting us over the past year. But we’re just getting started! Let us know what data you’d like to see on our platform and help shape the future of Dewey.

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New Feature: Date Filtering via the API

Check out our new API & data download functionality

The latest version of the API provides a new level of control over the data that you’re downloading from Dewey. Our v3 update introduces the functionality to filter datasets by their time-based partitioning, something many of our users have been requesting to help in their research. Users can now easily query data for specific dates of interest, including incremental updates to any dataset as new data is added. With this update, we’ve also increased the CSV download capacity to 10M rows. You can read more about these updates in our API documentation.

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Highlighting Our New Partner: TraQline

Learn more about TraQline

This month out data partner spotlight highlights one of our newest partners, TraQline! TraQline’s industry-leading consumer data offers unparalleled insight into 3,000+ consumer brands and 1,000+ online and brick-and-mortar retail outlets, derived directly from the voice and behavior of real consumers.

These datasets have already been used in research conducted by Dartmouth College, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the American Economic Review, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and we can’t wait to see what new and innovative research TraQline will power now that this unique data is available to the Dewey community.

Learn more about the 10 years of historical TraQline data now unlocked for research in our latest blog post, then head over to the Dewey platform to get started.

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Check Out the New Platform - New Data Partners Coming Soon!

Check out the new Dewey platform

Have you used the updated Dewey platform yet? In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding even more exciting new datasets for you to access in your research, so it’s a great time to make sure your account is up-to-date. Stay tuned for new TV viewership, US property & mortgage, and company data coming soon, and check out our updated user tutorial in the meantime.

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PS: The Dewey team is headed to The Charleston Conference in November! If you’ll be there too and would like to meet up, let us know. See you there!