Where can I find core-poi-patterns.gz monthly files from Dec 2020 to May 2021 in Safegraph Data Catalog?

Hello, I’m working with the core-poi-patterns files for analytics. I was accessing the files under monthly-patterns but they are no longer available. Where can I find core-poi-patterns.gz monthly files from Dec 2020 to May 2021 in Safegraph Data Catalog?

Hi @Jinal_Shah, sorry for the delay on this. We are switching the method of data access so that it is more user-friendly. I have put a message in to get you new access credentials. I will get back to you tomorrow so you can get access!

@Jinal_Shah Actually, I just saw this message from Karissa. Please refer to that message to access the SafeGraph Shop. If you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to reach out to Karissa or me. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Karissa_Paddie_SafeGraph Thank you for the details. I’m currently using Safegraph Data Catalog to download the data. The dataset in the catalog will be different from the Safegraph Shop? As the credentials I’m using for the Data Catalog is not working for the Shop. Appreciate your help.

Hi @Jinal_Shah, sorry for the issues. Just to verify—are you using mailto:jinal@stanford.edu|jinal@stanford.edu when you try to log into the Shop?

@Ryan_Kruse_MN_State I am using this mailto:aevanscu@gmu.edu|aevanscu@gmu.edu email to access the Data Catalog. How can I access the Shop with it? I am specifically looking for monthly core-poi-patterns file from Dec’2020 to May 2021?

@Saumil_Shah_SafeGraph Thank You… I have filled out the form, but it is still giving me wrong email.

Hey Jinal – what email address are you using?

@Saumil_Shah_SafeGraph I’m using mailto:aevanscu@gmu.edu|aevanscu@gmu.edu email address

Hey Jinal – could you fill out this form with that email address. You should receive your Shop credentials there (make sure you use an “.edu” email and select the checkboxes in the form)

@Saumil_Shah_SafeGraph Yup I’ve filled out the form with this mailto:aevanscu@gmu.edu|aevanscu@gmu.edu email, will wait for the credentials. Thank You

@Saumil_Shah_SafeGraph Thank you I am able to access the shop. Just want to make sure the Dataset in the Safegraph Shop and Data Catalog is same right? For downloading monthly patterns files from Dec’20 to present which one I should be using(shop or catalog)?

For monthly patterns please use Shop

Can you try “One Time Purchase”?