Where can I access the spend dataset?

I am trying to get access to the spend data (Spend | SafeGraph Docs) as an academic. The data does not appear in the SafeGraph data store (that I can find) and I don’t think it is available via the API. Any tips on where I can go the query and download the spend data? Thanks!

Hi @Nicholas_Hallman_UT_Austin - thanks for reaching out. Spend Data is not available through the Data for Academics Program and will not be available in our SafeGraph Shop/API. Apologies for the confusion.

Hi @Niki_Kaz I can’t see the Spends data on the SafeGraph Shop page. Could you share the link?

Hey @aakash - you might check out my post above from a few weeks back. Spend data is not currently available through the SafeGraph Shop. However, if you’re interested, I’d recommend getting in touch with our sales team. Here’s a link to schedule a demo and get in touch.

Hi! Just checking – is this still be case? i.e. there is no way to get spending data via data for academics? Thanks!

Hi Sharada, we’re currently not providing Spend data to the entire academic community. However, we have a few spots left on a beta program to provide Spend data to a few academics. Can you email academics@safegraph.com and cc evan@safegraph.com and provide a few sentences on how you’d be interested in using the data and we can review the request from there?