What type of devices Safegraph data are collected from?

What type of devices Safegraph data are collected from? Can we say the pattern for a POI represents foot traffic of all devices with some type of location tracking on? Or in other words, how much of the actual foot traffic is being collected in SafeGraph pattern data?

@behnam_nikparvar_UNC_Charlotte our data is collected from android and IOS devices, you can see this info in the device_type column in the patterns data.

We obtain a variety of information (collectively the “Information”) from trusted third-party data partners such as mobile application developers. We collect this information primarily through APIs, which are interfaces through which these app developers can provide us with information about their users. We sometimes collect the Information through other delivery methods, such as software development kits (“SDKs”) that are embedded directly into mobile apps. Thus users who are connected to these sources that we utilize will be recorded in our data

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you Pranav. That information is useful. I am using the pattern data and visitor_home_cbgs. As you know visitor_home_cbgs is available for a small portion of visits. I am aware of the upcoming July delivery and backfill update. I’m interested in new visitor_home_aggregation attribute that is going to be added to the monthly data. How much do you expect it to cover visits compared to visitor_home_cbgs? From when do you think that would be available?