Was dwell time on individual level once available?

Hi SafeGraph community,

I got the question "is dwell time on the individual level (for each person) available? " while I was reading this cool Science paper (https://www.science.org/doi/abs/10.1126/science.aaq1433), in which the thanksgiving dinner duration for each visitor from a cbg to another cbg seems to be available, as described in the paper:

“We restrict our sample to residents who were home both in the morning and the night of Thanksgiving, but who traveled for Thanksgiving dinner, to focus our analysis on travelers who could control the duration of their visits.”

Was this information once available, but is no longer available now? or i misunderstood the method used in this paper?

Any response will be appreciated, Thank you very much!

@janiceye0526 SafeGraph does not provide information on the individual level. This paper is likely using our Patterns data, which includes visitor and demographic aggregations for points of interest (POIs) in the US. In the Patterns dataset we have median_dwell and bucketed_dwell_times. These columns are representative of all visitors to the POI and not on the individual level. The author may have also utilized our Visits by Day column.

Thanks Hayden for the answer!