Student suscription + Research team

I plan to buy the student suscription for my dissertation. Could I use that data later in a research done by a team?


Hi @whernan. The student subscription does not allow for data to be used and shared by a team. This use case would require a Research Team subscription.

Thanks. And the opposite case applies? A research team formed with a student that later takes the data for an individual paper?

Members of research teams can publish their own individual papers with the data. They just can’t publish it with other co-authors not in the original research team.

Even if the co-authors never touch/see/or work with the data?


Thanks! One follow-up question:
The Research Team subscription is up to 4 members. How to proceed with a larger group team?

For larger groups, feel free to email me (evan [at] or book a time and we can discuss custom options. We have some standard group packaging options for Labs, Departments, and Libraries/Universities as well.

@Martin_Andersen_UNC_Greensboro correct. We should have co-authors listed on the Research Team licenses and Dewey should be notified of any mid-term changes to the team.

The benefit is that each of these members is then licensed to have their own Dewey credentials as well.