Student/research subscription inquiry

I have been using SafeGraph data for my research for the last two years until recently I noticed that the previous data acquisition channel has been moved to Dewey. With a strong interest in continuing to use SafeGraph data, I have a few questions about the subscription:

  1. How do the Research tier and student tier differ in terms of data access and usage? (In fact, the student tier does not exist on the subscription info page) I will be primarily using Places, Patterns, and Geometries in the US individually for my own dissertation. In this case, would the student subscription be sufficient?

  2. Is there any bandwidth limit with the student sub since I may need to download a huge amount of data?

  3. Do you support a monthly subscription payment instead of a one-time payment?

Thank you!

Thanks for reaching out!

  1. Currently there is no difference in the access tier between Student and Researcher. One is meant for students and grad students and the other is for faculty, so you need to pick the option that fits you. If you are a Student, then that subscription will suffice based on what you need. This tier is not yet on the pricing page but you can request access to it in the product by adding this product to your cart and completing the checkout.

  2. There are currently no bandwidth limits. In the future we might introduce some downloading limits on either of these accounts, purely to limit unnecessary costs and not with the intent of blocking access to the data you need. Because those limits aren’t in place we ask that you only download the data you intent to you.

  3. We only support yearly subscription options for account access at the moment. Individual datasets can be subscribed to monthly if that is a better option.