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Below is a list of the most common questions we receive.

----------- Getting Data ------------

Can I share my data with my colleagues?
Not unless they also have a subscription or license. The reason we can make this data affordable for academic research is because of our promise to data partners that it will only be used by the academic community. This restriction helps us keep an eye on who is using the data. We also provide affordable group licenses to make it easy for everyone involved to have a license. You can read more about the data license in our terms and conditions.

How can I download the data?
There are a number of ways to download data from various partner. My simply creating an account in Dewey, you can start accessing a number of datasets instantly.

I am trying to open the data in Excel and its too big
Check out this for more help.

------ Citation and Publishing ------

I am publishing using a data partner from Dewey. How should I cite or attribute that partner?
Per the license you agreed to while accessing the data, you must attribute the data provider for any work or insights derived from their data. You’re not required to cite Dewey as the platform for accessing the data, but you have the option to do so. When possible, hyperlink back to the data partners website. For example, “This data was made available from SafeGraph via the Dewey platform.”

------ Other Topics ------

I see an anomaly, outlier, inconsistency, or unexpected value in the data. What should I do?
If you think you found something wrong with the data, be sure to post it in the forum and use the tag for the partner the data belongs to.