Potential Partnership to leverage SafeGraph data within the Databricks community edition

Databricks has a community edition that is free. There are quite a few academics that are using it these days (along with others). I get the feeling that they throttle the data upload into the tool so people are doing true big data projects there. They are just learning how to leverage spark with databricks.

I want to leverage safegraph data within the community edition and wondered if you guys have thought about providing a connection to your data that is cleaner than downloading csvs, uploading them, and formatting for use with Spark.

Could be a nice collaboration with Databricks for the education community.

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Cool idea @J_Hathaway ! We partner with Databricks on some other initiatives/projects - check this out if you haven’t already: SafeGraph Partners with Databricks on Open Data Sharing

Will certainly have to keep this idea in mind!