Pattern datasets are same for different industries

I tried to download the POI patterns data for different industries (ex. for Nature Parks and Other Similar Institutions, or for Full-Services Restaurants), but the datasets I downloaded are exactly the same for each different industry. I would like to know why does that happens and how can I get different POI patterns data for different industries?

Hi @z86shen! Looking into this. Let me see if I can replicate on my end. I’ll circle back on this when I have more information.

Hi @z86shen - thanks for your patience. I’m actually not able to replicate this from my end. I looked at the downloads to your account and pulled up the separate downloads successfully, with no duplication in industry. I did see that your two most recent downloads are the same NAICS category, but one is New York while the other is the entire US. Is that what you might be mixing up?

Hi, the data I got is actually for the whole US no matter it is for New York or for the entire US. The data doesn’t show as the sample one shows. The data I downloaded only have Date, region (which are each states in US), numbers of visits and unique number of visitors. The problem is not only the first two recent ones are same, but each datasets I downloaded are all exactly the same.

Hi @z86shen - thanks for the clarification.

From what you’ve shared, I’m guessing you are opening up the supplementary files that we provide anytime you download Patterns data. Are you opening up the visit_panel_summary file? Please note with any of our supplementary files we do not cut it up specific to region. We provide those primarily for normalization purposes.

To actually see the dataset you requested, you should see another file called core_poi-patterns.csv. That will have the Patterns data specific to your query. Let me know if that answers your question.

I see what you mean, here I have attached the screenshot that shows all files I can see in the folder I download. You are right, the file I opened is called “visit_panel_summary”, but I can not find the file “core_poi-patterns.csv” in the folder.

If you unzip the patterns.csv.gz file, you should get the patterns data that you requested.

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Thanks! That works. Now I get the ones I want.

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