Orders Cancelled Without Explanation

I ordered some free datasets from Safegraph(Census data, limited service restaurants, etc) a few days back, but did not see them appear in the file system. I checked the order menu and all orders had a status of cancelled. Just curious if anyone else had this issue/how to fix it. Thanks!

Thanks for writing in @josephtso914. Taking a look at your account it looks like they were cancelled because the requests didn’t come from a University-issued email address. That’s the easiest way for us to validate our users since our data partner require that we’re only serving the academic market. If you create an account under a university-affiliated email, and we can confirm that you’re still actively affiliated, we’d be happy to approve these orders.

Apologies that you didn’t receive a notice for this though, we typically send out an email in this situation so I’ll look into why that didn’t happen.