Is there a way for me to access Social Distancing Metrics?

Hi all, I’m a new user accessing the safegraph data through the shop. Is there a way for me to access Social Distancing Metrics?

Hey Dhruv – social distancing metrics are only a available to catalog users. We have stopped updating the data in the dataset since April. Given that we are deprecating Catalog in 10 days, we are not creating new catalog accounts

Thanks for the response. Is there any other possible way that we could access retrospective social distancing data for research purposes?

Let me flag to our product team and we will see if we can social distancing metrics onto Shop. I will keep you in the loop

Thank you so much! I appreciate your help on this.

Hey Dhruv – just talked to the product team and we aren’t planning on sharing Social Distance Metrics on Shop as we longer support it.

We recommend you use the Weekly Patterns dataset as a way around it. Weekly Patterns continues to be maintained so ongoing updates. You can see to which places people are going (not just whether they are leaving their homes). This provides greater insights than Social Distancing Metrics especially as people move around more.