Is there a data set that includes square footage of POIs (or relative size)?

is there a data set that includes square footage of POIs (or relative size)? looked in the geometry footprint and not sure that was exactly what we were looking for

Hi @Vincent_Ong! Can you provide some more details about what you’re looking for? In particular, why does the Geometry Footprint not meet your needs? Thanks

@Ryan_Kruse_MN_State we’re basically looking to understand crowdedness of POIs and how that impacts virus spread, so want to measure that by looking at dwell times, hourly visits, and size of POI. would want to be able to parse between 10 people at POI A that is the size of a super walmart vs. 10 people at POI B that is the size of a boutique clothing store. didn’t seem like geometry footprint has that info, but please correct me if i overlooked it.

@Vincent_Ong Great, thanks. So the Geometry Footprint has a column called area_square_feet which was originally announced under a different name. The area_square_feet column is derived from the POIs’ polygons. Also of interest is the includes_parking_lot column, which tells you whether or not the POI’s polygon includes the parking lot. So if includes_parking_lot is True, then area_square_feet includes the POI’s parking lot. Some rows are missing an entry for includes_parking_lot because it’s unknown. Is this what you are looking for?

@Ryan_Kruse_MN_State this is perfect. definitely overlooked this. appreciate the help!

@Vincent_Ong Fantastic, you’re welcome! Let me know if anything else comes up!