In Patterns, I am seeing visits to businesses that I don’t expect. Could these be erroneous? What could explain erroneous visit counts?

  • We strive to make SafeGraph Patterns as accurate as possible, but no measurements are 100% accurate. You can read details about exactly how visits are inferred from GPS data in the SafeGraph Visit Attribution White Paper, and SafeGraph Patterns represents the leading edge of what is possible from translating GPS smart phone data into store foot-traffic. Here are some related frequently asked questions

  • Is there a minimum dwell time for being counted as a visit? No. We use a variety of signals to confirm that a visit occurred, and dwell time is one of those signals.

  • If people live in the building above a POI will they be counted as visiting the POI? Generally, no. Based on historical aggregated common nighttime patterns, we catalogue the common nighttime location for a device and that device is not eligible to visit POIs located at that location. However, a device that visits a residence co-located with a POI may be incorrectly counted as visiting the POI.

  • It’s also possible that there is a bug or error in our data. If you see something unexpected, please let us know with specific safegraph_place_id examples and a short explanation of what you were expecting.