If I search “New York, NY, US” in the shop, does it mean NYC or just New York County in the state of New York?

Hi, may I ask if I search “New York, NY, US” in the shop, does it mean NYC or just New York County in the state of New York?

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Hey @Guanting_Yi - thanks for the question! It’s the former. New York, NY, US is NYC. Shop currently does not support search by county. Hope that helps!

Thanks for replying. I browsed through the zip code and found most of the location is in Manhattan. Why is that?

My understanding is that it’s due to how boroughs in New York were consolidated. A similar conversation has surfaced in the past about this. Check out this thread:

That’s why you won’t see Manhattan as a separate borough while you can search for some other boroughs as a standalone geography (i.e., Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island). If you want data from all five boroughs of NYC, you’ll have to do the workaround outlined in this previous thread of entering all the cities that comprise the five boroughs.

Thanks for sharing the previous post, I have a few comments on this issue.

First, I also noticed, in dataset under “New York, NY, US”, there are only two places located in flushing. But Flushing has a stand-alone dataset, if I merge Flushing and New York, will there be some overlapping for these two datasets?

Moreover, what exactly does “New York, NY, US” stand for? If I need to build up Manhattan and Queens by aggregating the list of cities you provided, with other three boroughs having stand-alone datasets, I’m confused about what “New York, NY, US” stands for.

Also, could I get the website link to the list of locations in your screenshots? I would like to check if they’re sufficient to build up to manhattan and queens without overlapping. Thanks!!

Regarding your first point, if those two POIs have an address of “123 Example Road, Flushing, NY” then that’s likely a bug. Thanks for flagging this, and I’ll submit this feedback to our team. Can you tell me which POIs those were? This type of feedback is very helpful in improving our datasets!

In Shop, New York, NY, US includes POIs that have an official address with “New York, NY” as the city and state. Locations in Manhattan have the city and state as New York, NY which is why you’re seeing Manhattan POIs. However, with another borough like the Bronx, you’ll see addresses with the borough as the city (i.e., 123 SafeGraph Road, Bronx, NY).

Queens is a little more unique as the neighborhood is the city. For example, you might see an address like 123 Example Road, Flushing, NY instead of Queens, NY.

I think this is a larger issue of the unique ways in which NYC is categorized and what you consider to be NYC. I’d recommend doing some research on your specific location of interest and querying the appropriate geography in Shop.

I don’t have the link handy for those locations in Shop, but it should be pretty simple to query. You’ll just enter the relevant cities into Geography on Shop. Thanks!

For the first point, I found out by sorting zip codes in New York, NY, US. Then you could see there are 3 zip codes that are used by flushing, [11354 11355](tel:11355 11355). They’re actually in flushing after googling them. There are cases like that for other four boroughs, but just a few. Also, these POI shown up in New York, NY, US do not exist in other borough datasets. So no overlap if I merge them.

Also, just to confirm again for a few things: 1. New York, NY, US stands for Manhattan. 2. I need to build up Queens by aggregating neighborhoods. 3. Other three boroughs stand alone.

Finally, I searched on safegraph website for the list of neighborhoods in queens in the screenshots, I can’t find it. I have a feeling it is on the website somewhere, but I was not able to find it. Could you point it to me? Thank you very much.

To correct one thing in my last message, I found some POIs, shown up in New York, NY, US (I assume it is Manhattan) but not belonging to Manhattan, do appear in other four borough datasets, while some other don’t. So merging them would be problematic.

  1. New York, NY includes POI that have New York, NY as the city and state. As cities in Manhattan have New York, NY as the city and state, you would find Manhattan under New York, NY.
  2. Correct - include all neighborhoods that comprise Queens.
  3. Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Bronx exist as standalone geographies. Try it out on Shop!
  4. We don’t have a list of all neighborhoods in Queens on site. I’ve added a handful that are in Queens to help you get started. Here’s the link. I’d recommend cross checking with another resource to gather all those geographies.
  5. Good way to avoid duplicate POIs (in case of overlapping POIs between queries) is to remove any duplicate Placekeys.