I need Geometry data for the US downloadable in my account. Can anyone help?

Request: I need Geometry data for the US downloadable on my account.

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Hi @Ryan_Jeon_Bowling_Green_State_University - thanks for reaching out. Because the entire US Geometry download would be a large download, might be better to go through the Places API which I know you’ve checked out. If you still want the end product to be a .csv file, @undefined is working on a script that will take the data from a query and turn it into a .csv.

Can you schedule some time with @undefined and he can get you set up with the Places API and get you the Geometry files? Thanks so much!

Thanks for meeting with Victor, Ryan! To prevent any further questions from being overlooked, I’ll go ahead and close this thread out. If you have any more questions or follow-up questions, we’re always here to help! Just be sure to make a new post to help, as we aren’t monitoring old threads at this time. Thanks!