"HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" error when using API for bulk download

I have been using API to download a bulk of Advan monthly patterns data (4000+ files). It had been working well for the first 370 files. However, after I stopped last night and tried to continue today, it prompts “HTTP Error 403: Forbidden” error. I have tried to generate a new API key to solve but failed.

Is there a quota on the maximum size allowed to download in a single day? Is my account being limited for that reason?

Thank you!

There should not be a quota. Are you using the V3 API (tutorial here)?

Thank you for your response. Yes, I was using the V3 for all api calls. In fact, the API had always been working until yesterday. Now, all my requests are denied due to the 403 error.

Hi Ameya:
Just to let you know that the problem is solved. I don’t know why but somehow they changed the api download links while I previouly saved those out-of-date links as a separate csv file on my local machine.

Thank you !

Glad to hear it’s resolved now!