Has anyone done work to facilitate retrieval of OSM building IDs based on Placekey or POI name + address?

Hi, has anyone done work to facilitate retrieval of OSM building IDs based on Placekey or POI name + address? I’m playing with Unfolded Studio where Placekey is natively supported, and that’s great to map things such as census data, but I’d like to map 3D buildings on top of that and color them based on some columns in my dataset. Any pointers or help appreciated. I’ve been looking at querying Nominatim but was wondering whether someone might have done something similar already, starting from Placekey POIs.

@ross_epstein_safegraph may be able to help

Hi @Olivier_Travers, as far as I’m aware, there’s no functionality map from Placekey to OSM building ID. However, you should be able to add Placekeys to your 3D building dataset, then you’ll be able to join with other data via Placekey. What location columns do you have? Building name? Address? Lat/lon?

I have business name (they’re all hotels), address, and lat/lon. I’m confident I’ll be able to join data with other data via Placekey. It’s matching with the OSM building IDs that’s been elusive.

@Olivier_Travers Okay. Do you already have a dataset with the OSM building IDs?

That’s the one I need to obtain or generate in a way that can be joined with name/address/lat-lon.

Since SafeGraph has a Geometry Footprint dataset I was wondering whether that would have been matched already with buildings in OSM.

Hi @Olivier_Travers - I can’t help specifically with Placekey / Unfolded here, but if the main motivation is to map OSM 3D buildings and colour them based on columns in your dataset, and name + address linking will suffice, I can most likely help with that. Take a look at www.knogeo.com for some examples - I’d be happy to loop in one of our devs if you think it would be beneficial

@Olivier_Travers As far as I know, that match has not already been done anywhere. Can you explain to me how you are getting (or intending to get) the 3D buildings data? Do you need the OSM building IDs to request the 3D buildings data for those specific buildings? Or does your 3D buildings dataset come all together and you just need to match to the right POIs?

I don’t have data about the 3D buildings per se. I have data about the hotels in these buildings. I want to color code the 3D buildings based on the hotel dataset (e.g. hotel class). The 3D buildings already exist in Mapbox tilesets (their source: OSM complemented by others). What I’m looking for is how to join these buildings with the hotels located in them.

@Olivier_Travers Thanks, this is helpful. Can you link me to the Mapbox tilesets?

You might also want to check out this effort to assign a unique building ID to each footprint polygon in the US. GitHub - opencitymodel/opencitymodel: Open citygml data for the United States

Buildings in OSM mostly (but not always) simple polygons. In large cities there are multi-part geometries that make up a single ‘building’ so trying to assign a single ID is going to be tricky.

Thanks Jubal. OCM / UBID sounds like what I need, but I don’t see it being natively supported by my stack (Mapbox / Unfolded), so it looks like we’d have to do a massive effort to spatial join our dataset with UBIDs as well as load the building layer ourselves (as opposed to leverage the OSM layer built into Mapbox). That would scale beyond OSM’s limitations, but it’s even more work :slight_smile: