File is huge - how will I ever search it? I am trying to find POI IDs

58.7 GiB and counting? This is huge? How will I ever search it? I am trying to find POI IDs.

hi @Steve_Scott_City_of_New_York_Mayor_s_Office_of_Operations have you looked in the tools channel to see if any of the current available options would work for you?

@Steve_Scott_City_of_New_York_Mayor_s_Office_of_Operations what are you trying to do?

Monthly patterns is partitioned by months, and you can download specific months.

What question are you trying to answer? total panel sample size? or something about POI IDs?

we are here to help

@Steve_Scott_City_of_New_York_Mayor_s_Office_of_Operations depending on what you need, it may be easier for you to select some data via one of our partner tools like Unfolded: Workspace Deleted | Slack

For example, April 2020, there are four files, each at 1.3 GB. I need to search for the NYC region. Are the files divided by region or must I search all four files?

@Steve_Scott_City_of_New_York_Mayor_s_Office_of_Operations, you would need to search all files, they are not divided by region. There is an available tool you might find useful…brb

@Steve_Scott_City_of_New_York_Mayor_s_Office_of_Operations just to confirm, are you talking about Weekly Patterns? We have several different datasets.

@Ryan_Fox_Squire_SafeGraph I am starting with monthly patterns.

@Steve_Scott_City_of_New_York_Mayor_s_Office_of_Operations did you try using the data platform we linked you to to more easily download only the data you want?

See here: Workspace Deleted | Slack

It is okay. I will drill down the AWS data myself. It is slower but more powerful.

sounds good! there are resources around the channels for getting the full data and into your tool of choice. let us know if any questions come up

@Steve_Scott_City_of_New_York_Mayor_s_Office_of_Operations Let us know if you have any feedback or if we can help in any other way. We want to make the data easy to work with. Thanks