Error fetching issue


I have faced the below error while I was downloading the data. Any suggestions?

There was an error fetching your downloads. If the error persists after refreshing, please send us a message.

Hi @Negin_Zarbakhsh_UCD! Thanks for flagging this issue. I’ve notified our team and will let you know when it’s resolved. Will circle back soon on this!

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Hey @Negin_Zarbakhsh_UCD - can you try again? Should be fixed now.

Thanks, it has been just solved. Also, I am using the Academic plan for downloading the data, I can download both monthly Pattern data and core places free, while the Geometry dataset required access. Is this dataset outside the plan?

Let me know which Geometry files you need, and I can drop them into your account. They’re still free for academics.

Thanks! I am working on the below locations:
1 NY, US,
2 E Los Angeles,
3 CA, US, Chicago,
4 IL, US, Los Angeles,
5 CA, US, Houston,
6 TX, US, Phoenix,
7 AZ, US, Philadelphia, PA, US,
8 San Antonio,TX, US,
9 San Diego,CA, US,
10 San Jose,CA, US
11 Dallas,TX, US

Any specific brand/category?

Convenience Stores, Limited-Service Restaurants, Supermarkets, and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores.

Hey @Negin_Zarbakhsh_UCD - just started the download to your account. Let me know if you have any issues!

Thank you so much for your always support!

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