Downloading data slow

*Downloading pattern data very slow.
I am trying to download academic pattern data. But download process got stuck at 1%-3% and did not proceed anymore.

I have tried several times and don’t seem to work. I could download the separate files but I got hundreds of them to download separately. Is it possible to fix the issue without clicking separate files for hundreds of times?
Thank you so much! Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Below is a screenshot of the downloading page:

Hey Hao,

Apologies for the delay here. Unfortunately, there is not a faster way to download the data since you got over 845M rows of data. Our system isn’t set up to bundle all the files together.

In addition to what Saumil said, you should download each file one at a time. I understand it might be a hassle for you, but it’s guaranteed to work.

I see. Thanks!

Yes, I am downloading them one by one.