Cannot download my purchased datasets

I purchased the safegraph data via annual subscription. However, I cannot access it from “Browse My Files”, which said an “API Error”. Can Dewey staff please assist me on this matter? It was okay for me to download part of the data from here last time. I am not sure why it cannot this time.

Hi @Jarv, there is a known bug we’re currently working on resolving. We’ll be sure to update you when this if fixed.

@Jarv this issue has been resolved!

The issue appeared again. It said " This page isn’t working" when I attempt to download the data. :frowning:

Should be working again. Sorry for the troubles.

Hi @evan_barry_dewey, see this error

{“type”:"/errors/RecordNotFoundError",“status”:404,“title”:“FileSystemEntry ‘/2022/09/06/SAFEGRAPH/MP/20220906-safegraph_mp_cpgp_part9_0’ not found.”,“traceId”:“d2187aa17a1878db”}

Usually, the MP should be under path YYYY/MM/01/, but this one is not.

It looks like the Monthly Patterns data is currently delivered to both YYYY/MM/01 and YYYY/MM/06 for some months. Regarding September 2022, I see the complete files delivered in your account under the 01 folder. Can you not access those?

cc @ryank

@Yingjie_Li_MSU If the data still does not appear to be available as expected, please share a screenshot and a few details if you can. Specifically, it would be helpful to know how you are trying to access the data and where you are seeing the error. Thanks!