Cannot download my purchased datasets

I purchased the safegraph data via annual subscription. However, I cannot access it from “Browse My Files”, which said an “API Error”. Can Dewey staff please assist me on this matter? It was okay for me to download part of the data from here last time. I am not sure why it cannot this time.

Hi @Jarv, there is a known bug we’re currently working on resolving. We’ll be sure to update you when this if fixed.

@Jarv this issue has been resolved!

The issue appeared again. It said " This page isn’t working" when I attempt to download the data. :frowning:

Should be working again. Sorry for the troubles.

Hi @evan-barry-dewey, see this error

{“type”:“/errors/RecordNotFoundError”,“status”:404,“title”:“FileSystemEntry ‘/2022/09/06/SAFEGRAPH/MP/20220906-safegraph_mp_cpgp_part9_0’ not found.”,“traceId”:“d2187aa17a1878db”}

Usually, the MP should be under path YYYY/MM/01/, but this one is not.

It looks like the Monthly Patterns data is currently delivered to both YYYY/MM/01 and YYYY/MM/06 for some months. Regarding September 2022, I see the complete files delivered in your account under the 01 folder. Can you not access those?

cc @ryank

@Yingjie_Li_MSU If the data still does not appear to be available as expected, please share a screenshot and a few details if you can. Specifically, it would be helpful to know how you are trying to access the data and where you are seeing the error. Thanks!

Hi there, I just wanted to follow up on this, as the issue seems to persist in other ADVAN data, eg. neighborhood patterns for April 2022 - multiple files. The error is the same for both Dewey UI and through the API.

{"type":"RecordNotFoundError","status":404,"traceId":"6462861f12c7440344e466155b68af09","title":"Not Found","detail":"FileSystemEntry '/2022/04/01/ADVAN/NP/20220401-advan_np_us_part39_0' not found."}

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hey @Bartosz_Bonczak_NYU I think I found the problem.

I checked the data source where we host the data and it only looks like there are only 33 parts to the NP data in April 2022. The frontend is still showing 39 parts so when it goes to grab it there is nothing there. It looks like we need to re-scan in the data but I’m currently getting an error trying to do this.

I’ll work on this on our end and report back.

Okay @Bartosz_Bonczak_NYU can you try again for April 2022? I want to confirm this was the issue we were seeing. I’ve rescanned those files in and there should be 33 parts to that data for April 2022.

Hi Evan, thank you for your response! I see that the corrupted files are gone now. I checked other months that I see this issue (eg. March and May of 2022) and it seems like all is clear now. I haven’t verified all of the directories but I assume the issue was resolved. I I find other instances I will let you know. Thank you!

I encountered the same issue for the neighborhood_patterns data in 2021 (Jan and Feb at least). Could you help me to check this? Thank you!

@songhuahu.v I rescanned Jan/Feb 2021 so you should now just see the 19 parts of the data (before it was showing 26 I think).

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Thank you, Evan! It works!