Can I use the API without a subscription?

Hi, I just signed up to Dewey with my university account to start getting to know the data and how to access it. I have a quick question though: since I don’t have a subscription, can I still access the data through an API using R? Just by using my username and password, I suppose.

Hi @gabriella.palomo , welcome to the community! Most data providers/datasets have a free sample available that you can access. Navigate to the data provider in the Dewey Marketplace and take a look at the listed products to see which are free. You can go through the checkout process without actually having to pay anything, then the data will be made available to you!

We try to build our demos using the free sample datasets whenever possible. Please let me know if you have any questions!

@gabriella.palomo Additionally, you may be interested in checking out this post from @Christian_Gunning_University_of_Georgia, sharing some code they wrote to help users access the API with R.

Thank you. I’m trying to use the Google notebook to access my files remotely but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. I put the username and password (see below) but it’s been running for 45 minutes.

I kept trying with both Google notebooks and it kept giving me different errors. I cannot try the other tutorials if I cannot access my files using the API. I even tried running them in R using the reticulate package. I wonder if it’s because I don’t have a subscription? Can I still access files and use the API without a subscription?

Hi @gabriella.palomo , sorry to hear you’ve been unable to get the notebooks working. Are you able to sign into the Dewey Marketplace? If you can, the same email/password would give you access to the API. If this is the case, please share screenshots with the error messages you’re getting when signing in, and we’ll investigate further.

If you can’t sign into the Dewey Marketplace, you may need to make an account there first, which @JosephZ should be able to help with. Making an account is free and will give you access to the free datasets without a subscription needed.

Thank you. Actually, yesterday both my username and password worked and I was able to access all my files both in R and in the Google notebook. Not sure what the issue was though because I tried the same things on Friday and yesterday. I’m just glad I can access my files! Thank you Ryan.

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