Can I get the geometry data for the state of Indiana, USA?

Hello. Can I get the geometry data for the state of Indiana, USA? Thanks for help.

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Hey @Sisi_Zhou - any specific brand/category?

Also, can you be sure to update your Slack name to include your institution? That’ll help our team members know you’re an academic researcher.

Hi Niki. I have modified my Slack name. I am a graduate student from Purdue University. I am trying to determine the spatial hierarchy of different kinds amenities around the residential housing. Is it possible to get the geometry across all categories? Thanks for your reply.

Thanks so much! No problem at all - I just started the download to your account. Can you check your account and confirm the download has started?

Yes. The download is processing. Appreciate your help!

Fantastic - let us know how else we can help!

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