Avoid emails going to spam. Please add Dewey to your Safe Sender list

Hey Dewey Community,

We’ve noticed that university spam filter are VERY strong, especially for Outlook users. We’ve had multiple reports of users not receiving important transactional or update emails from Dewey, even after they’ve registered or requested them.

If you want to help ensure you receive important updates to your account, such as when updates to your subscribed datasets are available, add the deweydata.io domain to your Safe Sender list. You can follow the easy instructions below.

Safe Senders in Outlook.com - Microsoft Support.

Alternatively, you can add the following emails as known contacts or check your spam folder for previous emails from Dewey and release them from spam.

This will not re-subscribe you if you’ve already unsubscribed, nor will it affect your ability to unsubscribe from marketing emails. This will only ensure that you receive important account updates.