Add timestamp in data api?

Hi, I want to get time (year, month) for the files downloaded from API, however, I couldn’t find useful information in the return of the API request to determine the time of a download file. For example, if I download a spend pattern file in SafeGraph, I don’t know which year it is in. Could you add an attribute in the API return to identify the time of each data file?


Hi Sangyx,

I have found the reference date for at least the movement patterns files embedded in the URL (i.e. “/2019-01-01/”).


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Add now I see that it is missing in some of the other URLs.

Ugh! I second this request!

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As of now, a subset of the most popular products have been date-partitioned (with a reference date in the URL). We’ll be shifting the remainder of products over to date-partitioned versions over the next week (where there is a relevant date in the data).

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Thanks for your help. Another question, What’s the difference between the files in one date-partition? For example:

Are they just one part of the whole data for this month?

They are just parts of the whole data for the month as you said - the data is split to keep the file sizes manageable under 250MB. The file names themselves don’t correspond to anything in the data.