Slack post to download the data from S3

Hi everyone! It’s my first day exploring Safegraph data :slight_smile:

I have a question from @Ryan_Kruse_MN_State’s resources.

In order to ’ Prepare SafeGraph monthly-patterns data with Python and sqlite3’, I am referring to THIS link.

I’m stuck at this sentence: “Before starting with anything in Python, you first need to download the data from S3. See this Slack post for details.”

It seems I need a Slack invite from an a person with the ‘@safegraph’ domain-name, to view this post on Slack.

  1. Is this Slack post accessible to people withOUT the ‘@safegraph’ domain-name? If so, can someone please grant me the ability to view this post.

  2. Else, would someone be kind enough to post the instructions mentioned in this Slack link- on ‘how to download data from S3’.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel. Apologies about this outdated information. We no longer offer data through S3 and are moving away from the Slack Workspace.

For this specific example you can download monthly patterns from the shop. If you have trouble with academic access or need more credits reach-out to

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