Show the Community: Super Bowl Ad Trends

Some quick highlights from our HackGraph from a few weeks back!

Here’s a project by @Matthew_Dawidowicz, Cameron Burley, and @Logan_Oh that I think our sports fans in the Community would enjoy. :football: Have you ever wondered how Super Bowl commercials influence subsequent visitation to stores? Their project looked at foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations after the brand was featured in a Super Bowl commercial. Some key brands they looked at included T-Mobile, Kia, and Toyota. Interestingly, they did not see increased foot traffic post-Super Bowl! Check out their slides from the HackGraph presentation.

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Any thoughts on why foot traffic did not increase after the Super Bowl? It’s very interesting to see that foot traffic in some situations in fact decreased.

Hey @Nami_Sumida - thought this was a cool little project! Thought you might find it interesting based on your previous work with sports games!