"Seeking Insight: How Many Records Does the Advan Foot Traffic Dataset Hold for London, Ontario, Canada?"

“Hello everyone, I currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada, and I’m conducting research that relies on the foot traffic dataset for Canada to evaluate the effectiveness and dependability of our city’s public transit system. However, I’ve been informed that the dataset provided by Advan includes records for London, Ontario, but the exact quantity of records remains undisclosed. Understanding the precise number of records for London, Ontario is of utmost importance for my research, as I require an adequate volume of data to encompass the entire city. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who has previously worked with the Advan foot traffic dataset for Canada could provide an approximate count of records for the city of London, Ontario.”

Hi @i.abuelqasim ! On the Weekly Patterns product page, toward the bottom there is a “Related” section. Within that section, I believe the information you’re looking for would be available in the Home Panel Summary, Normalization Stats, or Visit Panel Summary datasets.

Similar supplementary datasets exist for Monthly Patterns, too.

Check them out and let me know if you have any further questions!