Safegraph-specific 422 Error

I am trying to work with the “Global Places (POI) & Geometry” dataset from Safegraph. For whatever reason, I get a 422 error when trying to get the file list for this dataset, despite the fact that using the exact same code to get the file list from Advan monthly patterns works just fine. Below is my code with non-public information (removed). monthly_advan_file_df populates as expected, but polygons_safegraph_files_df returns the following error:

Error during httr2::req_perform.
HTTP 422 Unprocessable Entity.

The relevant code:

API_KEY ← “(removed)”


monthly_advan_product_path ← “

monthly_advan_files_df ← get_file_list(API_KEY, monthly_advan_product_path, print_info = TRUE)

polygons_safegraph_product_path ← “

polygons_safegraph_files_df ← get_file_list(API_KEY, polygons_safegraph_product_path, print_info = TRUE)

I am running deweydatar_0.1.5 as confirmed by sessionInfo(). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the deweydatar package and this has not helped.

Could you please check this out Dewey-Data/deweydatar ( and reinstall the library? The library has been updated with slightly different approach.

This issue is fixed in this version.


I’ve reinstalled deweydatar again and the issue persists–again only with the Safegraph dataset, everything continues to work as expected for the Advan dataset.

I can also confirm my API key and product path are correct, as running

get_meta(API_KEY, polygons_safegraph_product_path, print_meta = TRUE)

returns, as expected

Metadata summary ------------------------------------------------
Total number of files: 463
Total files size (MB): 69,005.77
Date aggregation:
Date partition column:
Data min available date:
Data max available date:


print_info = TRUE)

returns the same 422 error as before.