REsimplifi - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is REsimplifi?

REsimplifi provides commercial real estate listing data to power property-based applications for site selection and economic development. Historic real estate listings include land or building information, address, broker info, text-based descriptions, and links to street view images and detailed listings brochures. REsimpifi’s data includes all commercial real estate sectors: Retail, Multi-family, Industrial, Office, Hospitality, Mixed-use, and Land.

How is the REsimplifi data sourced?

REsimplifi sources data from hundreds of public and private commercial real estate listing sites and sources. They programmatically collect, organize, normalize, and update the information available from the various listing services and include links to the original source when possible.

What’s the historical and geographical coverage of the data? How often is it updated?

The REsimplifi data covers over 400,000 records in the United States. Generally, the data starts in 2021 and is updated on a quarterly basis.

Are there any additional publication restrictions using the REsimplifi other than those covered in Dewey’s standard terms and conditions?


How should I cite REsimplifi in my research?

Please be sure to cite “REsimplifi” in any publications utilizing the data. For example, “To conduct this research we obtained data from REsimplifi, a provider of commercial real estate property data in the United States.”

Variable Definitions

  • For the ‘year_renovated’ attribute, if it’s blank does it mean it has not been renovated or that it is unknown?

REsimplifi does not populate the “year_renovated” unless they are aware that a renovation has occurred. So a blank value could mean that no renovation has occurred or there is no data on whether or not a renovation has occurred.

  • What is the ‘id’ attribute?

The ‘id’ field is a unique identifier for properties in the REsimplifi data which enables users to better manage the dataset. This unique identifier provides another option for querying the data so users don’t need to rely on complex address strings that have the potential to change over time.

  • What’s the ‘price’ attribute?

‘Price’ is the asking price for the property for sale

  • What’s the ‘cap_rate’ attribute? ‘cap_rate’ is the stated cap_rate on the listing.

The capitalization rate of a real estate investment is calculated by dividing the property’s net operating income (NOI) by the current market value.

  • What’s the ‘type’ attribute?

‘type’ indicates if the property is for sale or lease (or option for both)

  • What’s the ‘property_types’ attribute?

‘property_types’ indicate the category of commercial real estate - retail, multi-family, office, industrial, mixed-use hospitality, or land.

  • What’s the ‘building_sf’ attribute?

‘building_sf’ indicates the total square footage of the building or space for lease or sale.

  • What’s the ‘acres’ attribute?

‘acres’ indicates the land area in acres

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