Research showcase: IPinfo's IP geolocation data used to verify location information of participants

Hey guys :wave:

I am Abdullah, the DevRel of We are one of Dewey’s proud data partners.

I wanted to share an article that recently featured our services which could give the Dewey community an idea of one of the many ways to use our data.

:link: Commonality and variation in mental representations of music revealed by a cross-cultural comparison of rhythm priors in 15 countries | Nature Human Behaviour

In this article, the participants were selected via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (mTurk) program. As this research looks into the country of participants, it was important for them to verify the location information of their participants. Even though it is possible to set qualification parameters such as location on mTurk, the researchers double-checked their participants’ location using our IP address location data.

If you want to ensure/verify participant information such as location, usage of mobile phones and use of VPN services, feel free to check out our following dataset on Dewey:

Feel free to drop a reply or share any feedback. Thanks!