Research Paper: _*The Fiscal and Welfare Effects of Policy Responses to the Covid-19 School Closures*_

We’ve had several Community members interested in using SafeGraph data to look at school closures. Only fitting that we share this recent publication by Nicola Fuchs-Schundeln, Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig, and Irina Popova titled The Fiscal and Welfare Effects of Policy Responses to the Covid-19 School Closures. Read the paper here! :point_left:

They used data on school visits from SafeGraph and school closure data from Burbio to explore school closing patterns and the long-term impact of school closures. The paper has three key findings related to school closing patterns:

  1. secondary schools were closed for in-person learning longer than elementary schools

  2. private schools had shorter closures than public schools

  3. schools located in poorer counties experienced shorter closures.

Additionally, the authors build on previous work to quantify long-run consequences of closures—particularly consequences related to future earnings and welfare. They find that children in the lowest income quartile will see welfare losses worse than those children in the highest income quartile. A great aspect of this paper is the authors tie their results to potential policy solution, with consideration for the associated financial costs and benefits of implementing such a solution.

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Another publication that might be helpful for you! You might check out Burbio as another dataset to use in conjunction with SafeGraph - could be a good way to leverage Match like we discussed!