Research Paper: Big Chains set the tone for small business on pandemic closures

Niki Kazahaya (SafeGraph) : What a great way to start the week! Just saw that, @Mathijs_De_Vaan_Berkeley @Abhishek_Nagaraj_Berkeley , @Sameer_Srivastava_Berkeley were featured on the Berkeley Haas Newsroom for their recent paper. Big congratulations to everyone on the publication! :raised_hands:

:point_right:For our Community members, check out the feature here and the paper here!

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Congrats to the whole team! , @Mathijs_De_Vaan_Berkeley , @Abhishek_Nagaraj_Berkeley and @Sameer_Srivastava_Berkeley .

@Abhishek_Nagaraj_Berkeley - did you and your team posit any alternatives to the “social learning” method of decision-making at play here? Or was that outside the scope of the paper?

Super interesting (and maybe concerning?) that the decisions of branded chains were uncorrelated with local Covid conditions. How large was the sample size on which this was calculated, though? The paper mentions a case in Collin County, Texas, but I’m assuming there was a larger set.

In case you don’t know him - I wanted to introduce you to @Abhishek_Nagaraj_Berkeley . One of his research areas of focus was store closure decisions during Covid-19.

@Mohsen_Bahrami_MIT have you seen this paper? Any thoughts on the methodology?

This blog covers it and has a recording of the seminar.

thanks! I didnt know this other work by @Mohsen_Bahrami_MIT – very interesting!

and yes, the mechanisms are always tough. “Social Learning” is an umbrella term for all kinds of sub mechanisms through which one group shapes another’s decisions. Initially we had used the term “social influence” which was stronger, but ended up with this broader/weaker term in the end.

Hi @Abhishek_Nagaraj_Berkeley : we had some staff changes the week of your talk, and unfortunately, your talk’s recording was lost in the process :confused: I’m so sorry! It was such a wonderful talk.

thank you for the introduction. @Abhishek_Nagaraj_Berkeley a big congrats on the publication. very interesting work!