RentHub - FAQ, Change Log, and Citation Requirements

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Citation Requirements

This data was made available by RentHub ( via the Dewey Data platform (


RentHub data consists of publicly available listing observations from different internet-based sources. All data points come directly from rental advertisements online.

There are three distinct categories of sources. First are manager/owner/investor websites that have listings. Here, we cover different size ranges of multifamily and single-family rental organizations. Second are internet listing sites (commonly called ILSs). This includes national, regional, and local sites. The final, but smallest, category is classified advertising sites.

Data Dictionary

Field Name Description Type Example Required Unique Notes
id Unique identification number associated with each listing observation Integer 316340337…316340338…316340339…etc Yes Yes Programatically assigned and will read as a string of numbers corresponding to order it was generated in the database
state State in which listing observation is located Text OH or CA, but sometimes Ohio or California No No For the most part these are abbreviated in the conventional format (OH or IL for example), however there are some instances where these are not abbreviated
city City in which listing observation is located Text Atlanta or Decatur or Detroit No No These are full names of city as represented in the listing observation source; in some instances these are in all-caps (ATLANTA versus Atlanta for example)
zip Property zip Integer 60202 or 44333 No No
address Address of building, unit, or home referred to in listing observation Varchar 123 Main St., Apt 2 or 1 NW Tumbleweed Dr. No No These are either directly represented as they are from the source or re-configured post-geocoding in a format that conforms to USPS
property_type Type of property referenced in listing observation Enum House or Condo or Apartment Building No No Where available from source, either multi family, house, condo, apartment building, townhouse, or duplex
beds Number of bedrooms in listing observation Integer 1 or 2 or 0, etc. No No Studio is the same as a 0 bedroom unit
baths Number of bathrooms in listing observation Float 1 or 1.5 or 2.5 or 3 No No Half-bathrooms are designated as 0.5 bathrooms
sqft Approximate square footage in a listing observation Integer 1000 or 700 or 5543, etc. No No Where available from source; self-reported
price Advertised rent price for a listing observation Float 1000 or 700 or 5543, etc. Yes No Rent price is considered long-term rent or 12mo rent exclusive of concessions
lat Property Latitude Float 40.06456 or 29.751, etc. Yes No
long Property Longitude Float -93.7008 or -75.1399, etc. Yes No
posted_at Date listing observation was posted on source DATETIME YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS No No Where available, we track and stamp the date that the listing observationw as posted to the source
marketing_desc Raw marketing description as it appeared in the listing observation Text A 3-bedroom ranch-style home, with 1 bath, 1-car garage, and a fenced-in yard for rent in a family-friendly neighborhood. In close proximity to Lincoln Avenue. Student or small family housing. Pets are negotiable. Partially furnished, with appliances (including washer, dryer, central air, stove, refrigerator, and humidifier). Lovingly maintained, and newly repainted. Available for move-in June 2018. Please make an appointment to view unit. Cats Allowed Fenced Yard Flooring: Hardwood Garbage included in rent Heating: Other Lawn Living room Range/Oven Refrigerator Small Dogs Allowed… No No These vary from prosaic to bulleted lists of amenities associated with the property in the listing obsrevation
company Property manager or owner name as listed on source Text UL Coleman or Zencorr Properties, etc No No Mostly only name of property management entity and not also contact information
scraped_at Date listing observation was aggregated and ingested into the RentHub system DATETIME YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS Yes No
year_built Year property constructed as reported by listing observation source YEAR YYYY No No
Amenity Parsing From the marketing description, we parse out keywords that are direct descriptors of various amenities attributed to a property or to an individual unit
granite The terms granite or quartz is within the marketing description of the listing observation Enum N or Y Yes No Indicates that granite or quartz or other premium countertop is within the unit
stainless The term stainless is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that stainless steel appliances or other premium fixtures are within the unit
pool The term pool is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that a swimming pool is within the unit
gym The term gym or fitness center or health club is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that a gym or fitness center within the unit or building
doorman The terms doorman or attended lobby is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that there is some sort of human presence within the common throughways of the property
furnished The term furnished is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that the unit comes with furniture
laundry The terms laundry or washer or washer/dryer or W/D is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that there are laundry facilities within the unit
garage The term garage is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that a garage or other type of parking is within the property
clubhouse The term clubhouse is mentioned within the marketing description Indicates that a clubhouse or other type of common space is within the property