Read_many_patterns filter issues

I am having issues when attempting to filter with read_many_patterns for states with single-digit fips codes.

i have tried both
filter = ‘state_fips == 05’,
filter = ‘state_fips %in% 05’,

Here is the message I receive:
“In read_patterns(filelist[x], dir = dir, by = by, fun = fun, na.rm = na.rm, :
After applying filter, no observations left in weekly_data_2019/your_data_apr_25_2022_1004am-part1.csv.gz”

And have also tried to read-in the data without using the leading zero. I know that the data is there for the states in question because if I read-in the data without a filter it shows up. I also have no issues if I filter for a state with a two-digit fips code. Below is the code I am using.

df ← read_many_patterns(
dir = “D:/weekly_data”,
recursive = FALSE,
filelist = files[1],
start_date = NULL,
#post_by = !is.null(by),
#by = NULL,
#fun = sum,
na.rm = TRUE,
filter = ‘state_fips == 05’,
expand_int = NULL,
expand_cat = NULL,
expand_name = NULL,
multi = NULL,
naics_link = NULL,
select = c(
gen_fips = TRUE,
silent = FALSE,

In this example, I am only reading in one file to troubleshoot the issue but have many files that I need to process.

Thank you. I hope someone can help