Query about place data

Hi, I am working with country wide place date of a particular business category establishment. In the data file I see a variable named ‘tracking_closed_since’. Does it refer to after that date their location was not updated. Unfortunately, in the dataset i am interested in almost all the POI shows that the tracking ended almost 3 years ago. Is there any specific reason for stopping the tracking? Thank you.

Hi @uzh0003

I believe you can find you answer here: Rich Attributes | SafeGraph Docs

"If a POI has not yet been sourced consistently enough to provide the metadata needed to determine closed_on dates, then it will have a null value in the tracking_closed_since column. In general, the SafeGraph Places product tracks opened_on and closed_on dates from as early as 2019-07 onward, and therefore, the majority of POIs that have a tracking_closed_since date will show a value of “2019-07.”

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