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Citation Requirements

This data was made available by PredictHQ ( via the Dewey Data platform. (

I have 2 questions about the Unscheduled Events.
Q1: how did PredictHQ capture these events? Did you use mobile notification and what is the potential level of missing coverage?

Q2: there is a column called “create_dt” in the data, which has both exact date and time. What is this datetime? Is this the time where the event exactly happens (e.g., a weather warning is issued), or the time PredictHQ starts recording this event?

Hi @du.nguyen you can read up on their attributes on their documentation for Unscheduled Events: Unscheduled Events - PredictHQ Tech Docs

Each unscheduled event type has different meanings for Date Start. For example, for Severe Weather:

They pull in data from hundreds of sources: