Needs some help working with gzip files in Rstudio

@Zachary_Neuhofer_Purdue_University needs some help working with gzip files in Rstudio, @Jessica_Williams-Holt do you think you could help him out?

@Zachary_Neuhofer_Purdue_University, have you tried ‘data.table’?

The ‘fread’ function?

I have not! I will try that and let you know!

@Zachary_Neuhofer_Purdue_University i also want to point you to the R package from safegraph. you can find details on the github page. let me know if you need any help with installing from github. GitHub - SafeGraphInc/SafeGraphR: R code for common, repeatable data wrangling and analysis of SafeGraph data

Ok great! Thanks

Ok, I am trying to navigate the github website but am unsure which package to look at?

the readme on the main page is a good place to start (assuming the link takes you directly to the SafeGraphR package. it explains what’s included and how to install it as a package in your R environment. you can ignore the remaining files for the most part.

Ok! Thanks, I’ll give it a try