Need American Weekly-Pattern Data

Hello, Joseph.

I’m xiaoyao. I recently communicated with you through What I need is the data of American weekly patterns, with a time span from June 2020 to December 2021. Could you please send this data to my email Thank you very much.

Hi xiaoyao. Per our terms and conditions, we can’t share the data with email address not issued from a verified University. We can make it available if that’s what your account is registered under.

Thank you for your reply. You can put the data on, an account that was previously registered with safegraph and has a lot of credit. Many thanks!




On 11/30/2022 01:41,Evan Barry via Dewey wrote:

This has been resolved. Please check your File Browser

Hello, this is xiaoyao! thank you for receiving the weekly-patterns you gave. But when I opened it in the morning, I could still see the folder and the data in it and download one of them, and when I opened it in the afternoon, it was Api Error that was loaded and displayed, and I wanted to ask what the reason was. Thank you!




On 12/1/2022 00:13,Evan Barry via Dewey wrote:

Looks like this is an error impacting all users right now. We’ll report back when it’s resolved.

This issue has been resolved!

I tried again and found that the problem was not solved, can you please take a look again?
Thank you




On 12/2/2022 01:47,Evan Barry via Dewey wrote:

Hello @xiaoyaocoding ! Joseph here.

I’ve double checked and the data seems to be in your account. This might be a cache issue, would you kindly clear your browser’s cookies and cache?

This should take care of it. Do let me know if you run into a roadblock!


Dear Mr/Mrs,

I previously obtained weekly-pattern data from 2020 to 2021 on the dewey platform, userId, order is 884, orderItem is 5601, order information is attached here, today I found that the data for 2020 and 2021 is missing, could you please help see the reason, thank you!

Please send a reply to the /!

Thank you!

It looks like the retention period on the order expired. We added another order to your account.