March '24 Product Update


Welcome to the Dewey product newsletter, our monthly update highlighting the latest changes to the platform and the newest datasets available to researchers.


A roundup of the newest product enhancements and data partnerships formed in March.

March updates from our partners

Data from Global Wireless Solutions Now live: Mobile App Engagement data from GWS is now live and available to anyone with a Dewey subscription. View it on the Dewey app.

Updates from People Data Labs: Company Insights data from PDL got a refresh in March! The updated version includes the same data as before, but is now in a new “exploded” format that’s easier to use and requires less pre-processing time. Now with multiple tables, you can access just the attributes you need. Check it out!

New technical resources page

This month, our team created a technical resources page that offers a community-supported list of data science resources relevant to data on the Dewey platform.

An exciting addition to this resource includes a CoLab notebook of Similarweb’s Mobile App Installs & Engagement product, which shows you how to download the data using our python library and perform a high-level analysis of mobile app usage.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the sample insights regarding app session and usage times you will find in the notebook:

⏰ TikTok dominates both average session times and total usage time. When users pick up their phone to go on TikTok, they’re there to stay!
📷 Instagram has a quick session time, but with a high volume of sessions per user, total session time climbs.
👻 Snapchat continues to lag behind the top players.

Check out the full notebook here for more!


Check out our upcoming live seminars featuring our data partners and researchers utilizing data from the Dewey platform.

Upcoming seminars

April 4th: CEO Neil Bhatia will discuss the LobbyingData product, including what it includes, how it’s sourced, and how often it’s updated. Register.

April 24th: RentHub Founder John Njoku and USC PhD Candidate Lizhong Liu will join us for a deep dive into the residential rental data products available from RentHub and how they can be used for academic research. Register.


Each month, we’ll share the latest research, content, requests, and resources from Dewey, our data partners, and researchers.

• “Understanding Rental Housing Market Near Universities”: A recently published whitepaper from Lizhong Liu, PhD Candidate at the University of Southern California, utilizing data from RentHub [link]

• “Commercial Eviction Moratoria, Liquidity Relief and Business Closure”: An exciting paper from Angela Ma at Harvard Business School, featuring data from SafeGraph and Advan [link]

• “An Introduction to Dewey Subscriptions”: We understand that data licenses can be confusing, especially when you’re licensing access to multiple data vendors. We answered the most common questions about our Dewey subscription in our latest blog post [link]

Have some research of our own to share? Let us know here!