June '23 Product Update



Welcome to our monthly product newsletter, where we discuss the latest updates to the Dewey platform.

New Datasets Now Available

Leading global POI data provider dataplor is now available to anyone with a Dewey subscription. dataplor curates high-quality POI data for even the most data-scarce areas of the world. Explore geographies here and download a free sample.

Check out the new datasets now available on Dewey.

Last month we added Similarweb’s website traffic data and this month we expanded our offering to include organic search keywords and popular pages for web domains of the world’s 500 most valuable companies. You can also submit a custom domain list that you’d like these attributes for.

We’re also excited to announce that Varos advertising spend and performance data is now available for purchase at an academic discount. Varos provides granular daily ad spend data for over 3,000 ecommerce and SaaS companies. If you’re interested in leveraging this data for your research, reply to this email or create an order and we’ll help you finalize the details.

And finally, free samples of Kaiko’s cryptocurrency market data are now available for download on the Dewey platform. These industrial grade and regulatory compliant tick level and order book datasets power research topics ranging from portfolio valuation to performance reporting and more. Get started with a free sample here, and let us know if you’d like an introduction to their academic team.

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Datasets Coming Soon

Learn more about datasets coming soon to Dewey

There are also some exciting new data partners coming soon to Dewey. Keep an eye out for these datasets that will be uploaded to the Dewey platform over the next few weeks:

  • Historical information on lobbying groups & amounts from LobbyingData.com
  • Snapbizz consumer point of sale data for Indian retailers
  • Wagescape historical & current compensation intelligence data
  • Chinese stock market data from CSMAR

Is there a particular type of data you are looking for? Let us know and we’ll look into adding it.

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Data Partner Spotlight: PredictHQ

Learn more about PredictHQ data included in your Dewey subscription.

Our data partner spotlight this month is PredictHQ, offering demand intelligence data for 19 categories of events. Combining this data with other datasets, such as joining it with SafeGraph’s Spend data, can uncover deeper levels of analysis in a variety of research topics. Dewey subscribers already have access to this data, and a sample is available for those with a free account.

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P.S. Love working with data? We’re hiring for a number of part-time roles (and we’ll throw in a free individual Dewey subscription). Simply reply to this email to let us know if you’re interested in learning more.