January '23 Product Update



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Now Available: Advan Patterns Data

Advan Patterns foot traffic data is now available for academics.

We are excited to announce a new partner for mobility data: Advan. As of 2023, Patterns foot traffic data is now provided by Advan. Monthly, Weekly, and Neighborhood Patterns data are still available to all Dewey subscribers for use in academic research, along with free samples for anyone with a Dewey account. Make sure to check out what others are using Advan data for in the community by searching tag Advan.

Learn more about Advan

New Resource: 7 Chord BondDroid Top Liquid Notebook

Check out our new notebook for analyzing 7 Chord data.

ICYMI, last month we welcomed 7 Chord as a data partner. 7 Chord’s BondDroid Top Liquid dataset provides a professional grade feed of intraday bid-ask prices, spreads, and liquidity indicators for USD-denominated bonds. To help get you started implementing this data in your research, we’ve created a new data science notebook that walks through some common analysis and use cases examples. Try it out and share your findings with other researchers in the Dewey community by tagging 7-Chord.

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Now Available: Civic Mapping Initiative Data

CMI data is now available for free to all Dewey users.

We have another new data partner to announce this month, too! The Civic Mapping Initiative’s complete dataset of US community and technical college locations is now available to the academic community through the Dewey platform. Anyone with a Dewey account can download the full dataset for free on our platform. Check out our blog post to learn all about Civic Mapping Initiative’s partnership with Dewey.

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