Issues with Python Code to download Weekly Patterns Data


I’ve used this code about 5 months ago to download weekly data and it worked fine. Now I’ve extended the date range and when I try to run it, it doesn’t work properly. Instead of downloading all of the weekly files in my date range it just says “Successfully downloaded 0 files”. Any idea what’s going wrong?

@InvTech I was wondering if you had any idea about my inquiry above

Hi @A1,

Could you try this one?
Dewey-Data/deweydatapy: Dewey Data Inc. Python API (

Also, try to get PRODUCT_API_PATH again.


It seems like the issue starts when I try to collect the list of files to download.
(Also I installed the dewey website through my terminal so it is commented out on my code)

Have you tried to create a new product path again? This works well when I test.


Do I delete it then resubscribe to the weekly patterns?

Can you share the link to the current product you are working with? You may be working with a depreciated product path.

The link above is what I used in November 2023. I see that the link is depreciated so should I use the monthly patterns instead or continue using the weekly patterns somehow?


To access the most up to date product please reach out to

Thank you!