If anyone wants to use our Python scraper code, feel free to do so

Hi all. So apparently, NACO has now released its underlying data. However, there still seems to be a problem with the business closure dates. If anyone wants to use our Python scraper code, feel free to do so. You just have to have Selenium and Firefox installed, and you’re good to go. Run the programs sequentially.

The scraper gets both the county and the state declarations and dates. If it can’t find a county, it prints its ID, which you can then use to manually get it from the site by inspecting the map - or you can just leave that county out, it’s only a few that are missed.

We’d appreciate a mention if you end up using it :slightly_smiling_face: (https://davidvandijcke.github.io/files/BrzezinskiKechtDeianaVanDijcke_18042020_CEPR_2.pdf)





These files lead to an error