I'd like to ask if we currently have data on *reviews* on COVID-19 testing site?

hi! i’d like to ask if we currently have data on reviews on COVID-19 testing site.

Hi @Felicia_Wijaya, what do you mean by data on review? Like locations or more granularity than that?

@Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 like Yelp reviews on testing sites. i wanted to build a shinyapp that shows rated COVID-19 testing sites (i.e. this place ran out of testing kit, that place was unsanitary, this place had longer waiting time, etc). i’ve tried to use Yelp’s API but it limits the reviews to only 3 reviews. i can try FourSquare, but if there’s more API that i can look into, i’d like to hear your suggestions. i’m not sure i can get anything out from Google.

Sorry @Felicia_Wijaya, I let this one slip past me!

i am currently looking for a way to locate the testing sites and it is tricky because they are so fickle, though, if I were to tackle this myself, I would be looking into Twitter API (Documentation Home | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform) to scrap for tweets that talk about the testing sites or even official twitter accounts from governments / hospitals hosting the test sites.