I was wondering if there is a workaround to reading in the files with safegraphR for patterns

Hey I was wondering if there is a workaround to reading in the files with safegraphR for the patterns post 06-24-20. The way that safegraphR runs it seems read_many_patterns works if they are all in the same directory but since the after 06-24-20, the files are all in separate directories with dates, i was wondering if there is a workaround rather than having to load the path of each

Yep! Just specify the base directory and set recursive = TRUE. It will read every file in every subdirectory, and use the AWS-standard folder structure to figure out start dates.

Notes on this:

  1. If you are using read_many_patterns to do aggregation with the by argument, you may need to re-aggregate after reading in, since it will only aggregate within each file, and now there are multiple files per week.
  2. This works as long as you want all the new-patterns-data you’ve loaded on your computer. If you want to read in only a subset of weeks you’ll need to do a list.files(recursive = TRUE) yourself and pass whatever subset of the results you want into the read_many_patterns argument filelist.

Perfect thank you so much. Speaking of aggregation, when I’m running the poi_link with the core places data, I’m getting some “NA” niacs_codes, can you load in multiple files? I’ve been loading it with the most recent core places (august) cause it takes one file but i’m wondering if i should load all three. Do you know @Nick_H-K_Seattle_University?

I’ve never checked it myself but I believe the core files are intended to be improved over time so you only need the most recent one. As for NA naics_codes, some POIs are just uncategorized.

Perfect thank you so so so much!